Welcome to my first foray into the blogosphere…  I’m Anthony Bonato, an academic, mathematician, Professor, Associate Dean, former Chair of Mathematics.

A little about myself.

I work in graph theory, with applications to big, complex networks such as the web graph and social networks. I also work on graph searching, which considers intruders on networks and their capture. My work spans touches on arenas, including structural, probabilistic, and algorithmic notions in graph theory. My mathematical work is my primary driver, and influences everything I do, and the way I view the world. If you meet me at a party and I tell you what I do, then please don’t respond by say “I hate mathematics.” That is like telling an English professor you hate to read.

My work as an administrator spans from my time as graduate program director at Laurier, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, to my present position as Associate Dean: Students and Programs at the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson. I am passionate about graduate education, and I strive in my work as Associate Dean to enrich the quality of the graduate experience for both students and faculty.  As a former Chair, I know first hand the complexities in the academic environment, and I embrace the challenges we face in an increasingly connected, interdisciplinary world.

I will post some of my mathematical thoughts here, musings on the academy and graduate education, and general random thoughts/noise.

Onwards and upwards!

-Anthony Bonato

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