As I watched the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, an inescapable truth dawned on me: it must be September once again.  The days are shorter, leaves are falling, and it is my busiest time of year. Bar none.


The university reanimates each September after a lull in the summer. Every seminar, committee, and course begins anew, all as thousands of students reappear on campus.


The Toronto International Film Festival will be in full swing soon. It’s one of the cultural highlights of the year in the city. We are looking forward to see ten of the major galas, ranging from films starring Julianne Moore, Eddie Redymane, and a new documentary by Michael Moore. Oscar buzz, anyone?


I am in the peak of my marathon training, putting in 35 kilometre runs every Sunday. This will be marathon number seven for me, and my first Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon since 2006. It is hard to believe nine years have passed since I ran this particular race.


This is the first year of my three-year stint at NSERC serving on the Evaluation Group for Math & Stats. We just had our orientation and the work on the committee (which stretches from now to February and beyond) just began.


I’m working on a deep edit to my novel Pattern Earth, based on some great feedback from a terrific editor who happens to be an accomplished novelist. I also have a short story St. Sam and the Gender Machines I am submitting to a competition.

Couple that with my research, graduate students, editing a journal, and a new post-doc.

It must be September… I love it!

Anthony Bonato

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