DESIGN & WIN Contest

Got an eye for design?

Enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card to the Ryerson Bookstore!

The DESIGN & WIN Contest is looking for an eye-catching, out of this world design that will be used as a cover photo for Dr. Anthony Bonato’s The Pattern Earth Files – a short story series hosted exclusively on Wattpad.

This contest is open to all Ryerson University students.


  1. Design original artwork that fits the themes of The Pattern Earth Files. More details are provided below.
  2. Tweet your artwork to @Anthony_Bonato (the author) and @KrisArgentia09 (the main character).
  3. Tag your tweets with #PatternEarth.

Enter before October 12, 2015. Contestants can submit multiple entries, but only one entry per tweet will be considered.


  1. All submissions will be judged by Anthony Bonato.
  2. Chances of winning can be increased by having more retweets and favourites.


  1. The contest will run from Thursday, September 17, 2015 to Monday, October 12, 2015 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  2. The DESIGN & WIN Contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Ryerson University, as well as students from the Chang School. Each contestant must be a registered Ryerson University student as of the Fall 2015 term.
  3. All submissions must be original work. Contestants may use stock photography and vectors. If selected, contestants must submit a list of sources and provide information on the nature of any modifications made to the images.
  4. Contestants will not be reimbursed for any stock photography and/or graphical elements used in the design.
  5. If selected:
    • Contestants may be asked to modify the artwork based on Anthony Bonato’s feedback.
    • Final artwork must be made available in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.
    • Final artwork must be in RGB colour format.
    • Final dimensions for all submissions must be in 240w x 400h pixels.
    • Design files must be provided to Anthony Bonato.


About The Pattern Earth Files

Available exclusively on Wattpad, Anthony Bonato’s The Pattern Earth Files is a series of short stories based on his forthcoming novel, Pattern Earth. The short stories offer a rich and meaningful glimpse into the novel’s main characters by taking readers back in time to pivotal moments and events.

Read The Pattern Earth Files on Wattpad here:

What You Need to Know –

Themes of The Pattern Earth Files and Pattern Earth:

  • Science Fiction
  • Mathematical – contains elements of math, patterns, proofs and hypotheses
  • Aliens (orbs, specifically) invading Earth
  • Mystery – people vanishing
  • Futuristic (set in year 2025)

About Pattern Earth

After 16-year-old Kris Argentia—a mathematics prodigy—proves the Riemann hypothesis, the world’s deepest and until now un-solved mathematical problem, she is charged by high-ranking world officials to advise the M-Team, a group of the planet’s best mathematical minds. The M-Team are comprised of geniuses tasked with staving off the threat of a possible alien invasion.  To accomplish this, they must decipher the strange mathematical and geometrical messages displayed by mysterious black, floating, and mass-less spheres that have appeared out of nowhere onto the streets of the metropolitan cities of the globe.

These black ‘orbs’ first appear in Toronto, then New York, Beijing, London, and so on, causing millions of people to vanish without trace. While a mass exodus from major cities cripples the world, Kris and the other members of the M-Team endeavor to bring the vanished people back by uncovering the secrets behind the orbs and their message. To make matters worse, not everyone wants them to succeed.  Kris’s solution to the Riemann hypothesis may be the key to communicating with the orbs, but she begins to wonder if the job they’ve been tasked with is not as peace-oriented as it seems.

More info can be found here: Pattern Earth: a novel

and here: Pattern Earth Files and Kris Argentia on Twitter


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