My SFF short story posted to Wattpad

I usually post Wednesdays, but I wanted to break that tradition with the following announcement:

I am excited to announce that my science fiction short story ST. SAM AND THE GENDER MACHINES is live on Wattpad!

In case you don’t know, Wattpad is like the YouTube for writers. Writers post their stories there for free, including short stories and serialized novels. Wattpad is a fun, safe, and interesting way to get exposure for your writing.

ST. SAM AND THE GENDER MACHINES is set in the near future. The main character Sam discovers schematics on the hidden web for nanorobots, called the Gender Machines, that can change your sex overnight. Sam uses the Gender Machines on herself, with the intent of making them publicly available to the transgendered. The results of her physical change bring complications for her loved ones, society, and her own identity.

Like many others, I have been inspired by the increased visibility about transgendered issues in the media. I love science and speculative fiction, so I was curious if I could interweave the two to make a story. And here it is, just in time for Pride Month.

ST. SAM AND THE GENDER MACHINES is not a novel… yet.

Short stories are quite a bit different from novels: every word and sentence matter that much more, as you have such limited time and scope to tell your story. Wrting my first novel PATTERN EARTH was a different experience. I love the punch of short stories, however. Ted Chiang’s incredible UNDERSTAND is a great example of how much an author can achieve in the medium.

I am hoping to get feedback, so please do visit Wattpad and comment and/or like the story. I would love the opportunity to connect with readers.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

Anthony Bonato

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