Limitless Minds: Interviews with Mathematicians

I am writing not one, not two, but three books. So things are hectic, to say the least, and I have less time for blogging. I’ll be reposting some older blogs in the next few weeks until I complete my latest wave of edits.

If you haven’t heard via Twitter, my book Limitless Minds: Interviews with Mathematicians was accepted by the American Mathematical Society. The book consists of twelve interviews taken from the blog, and I am so excited to share it with the world. It will be published in late 2018 or early 2019, depending on the speed of production.

I’ll be blogging about the book as it gets closer to release. As for now, enjoy these lines from the preface:

Every mathematician is a person with a story. Each of them has memories from childhood or their teen years when things clicked for them mathematically. Many of them had teachers or family members who helped them progress in their academic career; some, however, had people discourage them from studying mathematics and persevered.

My goal when writing this book was to give a snapshot of exceptional mathematicians and tell their stories through interviews. I set out to answer some key questions: Who and what were the influences that pointed them towards mathematics? Why do mathematicians devote their lives to discovering new mathematics? How do they see mathematics evolving in the future?

-Anthony Bonato


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