Vote Villani!

Who is Cédric Villani? Cédric Villani is many things: a rock star mathematician, a Fields medalist, and a bestselling author. He is also running as a member of the party La République En Marche! for the National Assembly in France. With shoulder length hair, cravat, and spider brooch, Villani does not look like your typical mathematician. He is certainly not… Read More Vote Villani!

Mashup: PBS Infinite Series, NSERC, and Anna Magnani

January is one of my busiest months behind September. I’m focusing my energy now on NSERC evaluations, writing my book on graph searching, pursuing my research program, and working with graduate students. I’m also Associate Dean and teaching a course, so things are hectic (the question really is, when are they not?). For this blog, I… Read More Mashup: PBS Infinite Series, NSERC, and Anna Magnani