PISA leans toward Vietnam

Vietnam and mathematics education I’m in Vietnam on holidays and enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious food. I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, and China, and I would say Vietnam possesses elements of all these cultures, and of course, has its own unique identity forged over millennia of civilization. The pervasive traffic reminds me of India. By western standards, Vietnam… Read More PISA leans toward Vietnam

CanaDAM’17 at Ryerson

CanaDAM The sixth Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics conference (or CanaDAM) will be held June 12-15, 2017 at my home institution of Ryerson University in Toronto. CanaDAM focuses on the theory and application of discrete mathematics. This includes areas such as graph theory and networks, coding theory, enumeration, combinatorial designs and algorithms, and many others. The meeting… Read More CanaDAM’17 at Ryerson

Remembering Raymond Paley

Paley graphs Paley graphs play a role in my research, and they are an important family of graphs in combinatorics and graph theory. They are examples of quasi-random graphs: explicit, deterministic networks exhibiting properties we typically expect to see asymptotically in random graphs. Consider a prime power p congruent to 1 (mod 4), and let vertices be the elements of… Read More Remembering Raymond Paley