Math art: Nuit Blanche intersects Coxeter

Geometry is the study of shape. There’s been a renaissance in geometry over the last hundred years, with modern applications ranging from the large-scale structure of space-time, to the modelling of social networks like Facebook, to the computer graphics in video games and movies. Donald Coxeter (1907-2003) was one of the greatest geometers in history. Coxeter is up… Read More Math art: Nuit Blanche intersects Coxeter

Pattern Earth: a novel

I wrote a science fiction novel Pattern Earth with mathematical themes. After 16-year-old Kris Argentia—a mathematics prodigy—proves the Riemann hypothesis, the world’s deepest and until now un-solved mathematical problem, she is charged by high-ranking world officials to advise the M-Team, a group of the planet’s best mathematical minds. The M-Team are comprised of geniuses tasked with staving… Read More Pattern Earth: a novel