Mashup: PBS Infinite Series, NSERC, and Anna Magnani

January is one of my busiest months behind September. I’m focusing my energy now on NSERC evaluations, writing my book on graph searching, pursuing my research program, and working with graduate students. I’m also Associate Dean and teaching a course, so things are hectic (the question really is, when are they not?). For this blog, I… Read More Mashup: PBS Infinite Series, NSERC, and Anna Magnani

PISA leans toward Vietnam

Vietnam and mathematics education I’m in Vietnam on holidays and enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious food. I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, and China, and I would say Vietnam possesses elements of all these cultures, and of course, has its own unique identity forged over millennia of civilization. The pervasive traffic reminds me of India. By western standards, Vietnam… Read More PISA leans toward Vietnam