Anthony Bonato

AB2_19.jpgAbout me. I’m Anthony Bonato, a mathematician and full professor at Ryerson University in my adopted home town of Toronto, which I adore and wouldn’t trade for any place else—except possibly for a functional TARDIS. I’ve published four mathematics books and over 120 research papers in the fields of graph theory and network science. I’m the proud supervisor of twenty graduate students over twenty years spanning three universities. I’m an open and married gay man working in my own small way towards a more inclusive and accepting Canada and world. In my sparse spare time, I write fiction and I’ve posting short stories on Wattpad.

About the blog. The Intrepid Mathematician began in early 2015 as a means for me to write for non-mathematicians about mathematics and mathematicians. Since then, I’ve written about mathematics in popular culture and my own journey as an academic, thinker, and writer. I’m pleased that my little blog about math has over 200K views and on good days I tell myself it is making an impact inside and outside the academy. I also interview thought leaders in mathematics on an irregular basis. T

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