R.I.P. John Nash

Like everyone else, I was devastated today to hear of the passing of the nobel prize winning mathematician John Nash. He and his wife died in car crash on Saturday, May 23.  When I first heard the news I thought his passing was due to old age as I am sure many first thought. Reading the headlines further, the horrible news sunk in. Nash was the focus of the book and Oscar winning movie A Beautiful Mind, which was much about his struggle with schizophrenia as much as a record of his life’s work.   Nash won the nobel prize in Economics for his fundamental work in game theory in 1994. Nash equilibria are pervasive in many fields, including my own field of graph theory. He made fundamental contributions to geometry, analysis, and differential equations. I was lucky enough to see one of Nash’s lectures in Lisbon in 2010. He spoke in a large auditorium… it was standing room only. That says it all about the impact of the man, his life, and work.

Anthony Bonato

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